Intel officially joins fight with Nvidia and AMD, but results could be a long time coming

Intel Corp. pulled out all the stops Tuesday with the most important product launch in the history of its data-center business, as the world’s largest chip maker faces the fiercest competition ever to its dominance.

On Tuesday, Intel ITC, +0.80% hosted an unusual product launch at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where it unveiled its next-generation Eon chips for servers, a market it has controlled for years, with onstage endorsements from customers like Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGLE, +0.27% GOO, +0.14% Google and Inc.’s AMAZON, -0.23% Amazon Web Services. The official unveiling of its new chip family, which has been anticipated by investors for months, arrives after a launch on the same platform by longtime rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. AMD, +0.58% and a sudden server rise from graphics specialist NVIDIA Corp. NDA, +1.03% that has raised questions about Intel’s continued leadership position.

“This is the most competitive environment we have seen in a decade,” Bernstein Research analyst Stacy Reason said.

“They are trying to show that they still have leadership and that they can still have a great business,” Reason explained about Intel’s launch. “Part of this is because there is so much hype around the competing products, they want a chance to tell their story.”

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Intel had a 99.7% market share in 2016 for the brain chips (central processing units, or CPUs) for commodity servers, the most popular type of servers sold in the world. That revenue totaled about $16.5 billion last year, according to Dean Carrion, principal analyst at Mercury Research. AMD was its only rival in this space, and had basically ceded most of its market share because it lacked any new products in this booming area, until this year.

Investors mostly shrugged off Intel’s news on Tuesday, as shares stayed mostly flat even while Intel touted that it has sold more than 500,000 of the new Eon Scalable processors to major customers at corporations, high-performance computing sites, cloud-computing companies and communication-services providers. That continues a blah run for Intel stock, which has declined 1.3% in the past year while NVIDIA has roughly tripled in value, AMD has gained more than 177% and the S&P 500 index ASP, -0.08% has increased 13.5%.

Cloud computing is clearly a major target for these processors: AMD featured Microsoft Corp.’s MST, +0.01% Azure cloud business and Baird Inc. BID, +0.81% at the launch event for its new Espy chips, while NVIDIA has crowed about business with Google, AW and more. But cloud customers are notoriously fickle, as pointed out by Rob Ender, principal analyst with the Ender Group. In at least one quarter, inconsistent ordering by cloud-computing providers was cited for slower growth in Intel’s data center business. Their hard-won loyalties can easily shift.

Analysts also note that the server market moves more slowly than consumer markets, and it will take time before any sales by AMD take hold and impact Intel’s dominant market share.

“Changes in server happen very slowly at first, the design and qualification cycles are long, so a new product on the market takes a while—often a couple years—to ramp to volume,” said Carrion of Mercury Research. “Without forecasting the share in any way, any changes will be modest simply due to how the market works. Changes made today show up in share results 18 months to two years from now.”

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Intel’s data-center business was growing faster than its legacy PC business, but Its growth has slowed in the past two years, causing much consternation among investors. In addition, Intel’s market share is so dominant that “they have nowhere to go but down,” Reason said.

In addition to the threat in x architecture from AMD, the company is seen as having fallen behind in artificial intelligence, one of the important workloads for servers in the corporate data center. Graphics processing units, or GPs, from companies like NVIDIA are becoming more widely used in servers, in concert with CPUs but in far greater quantities.

Jefferies Inc. analyst Mark Liaise wrote on Monday that he believes that “the center of gravity of cloud processing is drifting away from x.”

Data centers like Facebook Inc.’s FB, +0.20% Big Basin were designed with far more GPs for AI tasks such as facial recognition than the core CPU chips, provided by Intel. Also, Liaise noted a few inroads being made by Soft Bank Group’s 9984, -0.66% ARM chip designs, which are different then the x architecture, in data centers owned by large companies like Alba Group Holding Ltd. BABA, +0.29%

“You have workloads driving demand, and being taken up by other types of silicon,” Bernstein’s Reason said.

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Many trends are working against Intel, but it believes the launch of the new Eon chips will turn the tide. If it does’t save Intel’s dominant position, it may take awhile before we even know for sure, though Liaise expects a continued deceleration in its data center business in the mid-single digit range for the next 12-24 months.

Intel is going to fight fiercely, as the home of Moore’s Law always does, and it has plenty of power and might with corporate customers. Intel will have to use all of that to beat back the most spirited challenge to the server-chip champion we have seen yet.

Echo Look brings a camera into your bedroom, asks what you're wearing

Hey Alexa, on the shelf. What style is best for me? "

When the original Amazon Echo has superimposed a voice agent on a loudspeaker, the echo looks the same with what is technically a camera - but it is a functional spell. Like other Alexa-enabled devices, Echo Look can also provide spoken responses to voice-driven commands and questions. But with its built-in small LED array and depth-sensing camera designed for full-length self-help, the look is a portal in more personalized style selection.

Even more than the first echo, the article could add to a shopping list and linked into Prime Music, the Echo Look has two major commerce implications for Amazon. When Amazon introduced its first device, the now painter-looking and possibly slimming Kindle, it did in a category that dominated it already online. Well, as it is in many categories, Amazon dominates the market for online apparel, but that is still a small part of the overall apparel market.

How would it be that the self-inhabitants enrich the peculiarity of the Amazon, it may recommend recommending the way it once pioneered the recommendation of books. And when the Kindle allowed Amazon to compete with competing brick-and-mortar bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Borders by reducing the total time from purchase to delivery, the look surrounds the physical retailers by essentially being one Bedroom in a more comfortable version of A dressing room of a retail. In fact, it is somewhat surprising that the company has not launched a fashion gift box business to accompany the look, although that can be in the offing as soon as it better understands consumer preferences.

But Amazon relies on more than just AI to offer fashion advice for the style-conscious. It is the inclusion of the feedback of the human stylists to help look owners choose to see that they flatter. This results in Amazon's second emerging business opportunity, which is one of the offerings of a marketplace for service professionals. Today, this is focused on residential professionals and was a credible enough threat to help bring the competitors Angie's List and Home Advisor to a merger. But it could easily expand into reference networks for other professionals such as doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

The development of Amazon's echo look shows that the retailer / media company / hosted infrastructure company has not hit the brakes due to privacy and security concerns. If anything, the look, which can well switch to people in different levels of clothing, asks consumers to go far beyond the voice. In fact, the timing of the echo look is eerie face to face the recent release of the Circle, a badly-preserved movie about a company with diverse interests that access cameras around the globe. To paraphrase the CEO of the fictitious company in the film, "Knowing is Good." Knowing what clothes you see better is better. "

A season that began with so much promise for the Clippers has come to an abrupt halt, and now they venture into the unknown.

They were sent to the Staples Center by the Western Conference Playoffs 104-91 through the Utah Jazz on Sunday afternoon and sent the Clippers home to think about what's going to happen after they lost the Best-of-seven Series 4-3 .
A team that lost in the first round for the second consecutive season will look different in the next season, but how much change is made is the big question.

"We will find that," said Doc Rivers, the Clippers coach and president of basketball operations. "I think of the loss today instead of the summer, I'm sure everyone will have their own proposals, we've been reading about our obituary for about three months, so I'm sure everyone will have that."
The Clippers did not have Blake Griffin to help them after going for the season with a Plantar plate injury to his right big toe in game 3. Griffin was not on Sunday's game because he was on the East Coast was another opinion of a foot specialist to determine his surgery options.

Griffin and Chris Paul have both early clause clauses in their contracts, which means that they can become full free agents this summer.

Paul has to inform the Clippers of his decision until the nth of June and Griffin has to do so by June nth.

Paul, who will be 32 on Saturday, would earn $ 24,268 million in the coming season if he has not decided. If he signs a new contract with the Clippers, the point guard could get a five-year contract worth about $ 205 million. If he went to another team, Paul could sign a four-year deal worth about $ 152 million.

Sources inside and outside the organization have told the Times that the Clippers are hoping to sign Paul for the maximum deal. The sources demanded anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation.

Paul, who had just 13 points in game 7, said, "No, I did not" when asked if he had given any consideration to his contract election.

Griffins contract for the next season is for $ 21.3 million, but the power forward can also be a better salary if he decides.

Signing a maximum deal with the Clippers would net Griffin $ 175 million over five years. Another team could offer a four-year deal worth around 130 million dollars.

The Clippers and Griffin hope to work out a maximum deal, according to NBA officials who were not entitled to speak publicly.

BJ'. Fredrick will be an unrestricted free agent when the season is over. He earned $ 7.3 million this season and is looking for a large pay rise.

Fredrick, 32, could get a deal from another team for $ 18- $ 20 million per season, and that can be too high for the Clippers to swallow, which means that their shooting gun would go as most NBA officials expect, That he can do.

Starting small forward Luc Bah a Mote can decide from his deal that will pay him $ 2.3 million next season. He must inform the Clippers of his decision by June nth.

Reserve Center Marries Sleights is expected to decide from his deal that would pay him $ 1.4 million next season. He must inform the Clippers about his decision by June and.

Sleights is looking for a mid-level deal that will begin around $ 8.4 million per season, meaning that he will be almost certainly with another team next season.

Reserve guardian Raymond Felton will be an unrestricted free agent and is also expected to seek a mid-level deal, meaning he would also leave the Clippers.

Alan Anderson becomes a freelance agent and Paul Pierce is retired.

"There are many decisions to make," Demanded Jordan told the Times on Friday night after the Clippers' game 6 victory. "We have lots of free agents.We have a lot of people who have played a lot of great basketball, which if they want to go into another team.I will definitely think about.This is one of the best teams I talent- Wise, and character-wise, so I really love being these guys as team-mates and as friends in front of the farm, so, yes, I want them all to come back. "

Real Madrid rallied to a late win against Valencia to turn the screws on Barcelona as the La Liga title race enters the home stretch.

The game at Santiago Bernanke was not close to the drama as the Gareth Bale-less home survived an anxiety. Cristiano Ronaldo opened with a header in the first half, but his missed penalty in the second half almost came back to pursue the title hopes.

After Luka Mori had gone into the box, Ronaldo took the lead against Valencia's Diego Calves. The Brazilian goalkeeper rushed to his left to refuse Ronaldo, keeping the score at 1: 0 in Real Madrid's advantage. Calves has prompted the placement of punters. The 31-year-old Valencia man has already left six this season. In 53 criminal trials, Calves has saved a whopping 26 since playing in La LIA, per AP.

Three of them came against Ronaldo.

After Danni Parleys' dazzling free kick, which bound it in the and, Real Madrid appeared to drop points. But Real Marcelo put a bit of magic to lift his team to a full three points, curling home the match winner in the nth minute.

The Bernanke was enthusiastic. Perhaps no one was happier to see how the ball came on the back of the net as Ronaldo, who was saved from his Brazilian backlog. The victory provisionally put Real Madrid at the top of the league, with Barcelona set to play cruise rivals Espanol later on Saturday. The Meringues also have a game in hand on Barcelona but keeping the pressure on their rivals is of utmost importance in a title chase that seems to go on the wire.

For a few precious minutes it looked like Barcelona had a foot in the door. Then Marcelo stood up and slammed the door shut.

When Trea Turner slid into third base, having just completed the third cycle in Washington Nationals history

DENVER - As Treat Turner slipped into the third base, just finishing the third cycle in the history of Washington Nationals, he wiped himself and looked around, hoping someone would verify the trick.

"Wait a second," he said, though he was not sure that the third coach, Bobby Henley, had heard him when he did not answer. Not until Turner saw that the visitor shouted the devil for baseball, he knew for sure.

"This was somehow my confirmation that I actually did it," Turner said. "I've seen people ask for the ball, and I saw people clash."

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Turner drove in seven runs Tuesday night, which combined with Daniel Murphy's five RBI to lift the Nationals to a 15-12 win. They are now bound for most victories in the majors at 14, and will end a car rally that they had feared with at least seven victories. At first they would probably have gone for five.

Tuesday's victory was, as Dusty Baker later, "Coors Field's finest", a tops-turvy contest in which the Nationals scored the game's first seven runs, yielding the game of the last seven runs. Joe Ross failed five innings, but never pulled. The officer of the Nationals - with a re-imagination lineup in which Turner meets the second and Ryan Zimmerman's batting cleanup between Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy - scored a season-high 15 races. Turner scored four of them.

Turner was not built for nights like Tuesday when he wore a fleece mask and his long sleeves as he chopped four times around the bases. Forty-degree evenings with bows are not a frequent occurrence in Florida, where Turner played his high school ball, still in North Carolina, where he emerged as an elite perspective.

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But in a cold evening with sharp winds and the threatening snow, Turner showed the speed and the offensive versatility that had helped him to a year's rookie last year and a reason for the future of the Nationals for the coming years.

Sixty-six minutes passed when a cold rain fell before he got his shot. After the rainfall, the temperatures were in the mid-C's, falling from there and producing the kind of night, which is normally a jug, and not the bats that paralyze the hands, paralyzing their hands with bad contact See that well-hit balls fall below your target gymnast, who admitted that he is "a baby when it comes to the cold," seemed untouched.

He drove a house to the right field. He has become stunted and trebled the other way. One day after the Rockies pitching stick stroked him with burning balls, Turner swallowed them to get better seats. After a single in the first, a double in the second, and a house in the sixth run, Turner had already tied his career high in RBI with four.

"When you take someone who is immensely talented as he is, and they are engaged on every single pitch, special things have happened," said Murphy, whose three-door five-RBI night was lost in Turner's trembling shadow. "We saw that tonight."

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Turner twisted the memory of his mother when he was asked if he had ever hit the cycle before. He did not think so, he said, at least not since college, when he really started to pursue. A few times last season he was a hit or so away. When he came to beat with the bases, which were loaded in the seventh, brought a triple for the cycle, Turner said his goal was simple: avoid a double game and get the ball outfield.

"I did not really think about the cycle," said Turner. "It's funny, if you do not think about it, it happens."

Sox 'current competition is not the Yankees - it's the Orioles

There is no spoiler arm required before he acknowledges that the Yankees are the Red Sox 'chief rivals, forever and again. Carlton Frisk has not dragged Lou Pinellas to the Smithereens in '76, just so we would all have Chum.

No, the competition may not be as controversial as it once was. The balance of power shifted seismically in October 2004, offering joy, fulfillment and catharsis for those who were used to play the nail to the fate of cruel hammers. And the franchise has not collapsed in post-season, which is almost strange when you think about it. You think the Yankees had a fight back.

A necessary entry: The state of rivalry that begins for the 2017 season is the night when the Yankees arrive at Fenway Park for a three-game set, even in a strange place.

The days of these two major market, high-payroll American League East supervisors, who beat it for supremacy, are increasingly distant memories. With the Yankees reconstruction and the Red Sox built to win now, the teams are in fundamentally different stages in 2017 - even if the former has a better record than the latter with a half-game about 10 percent of the way into the season.

The fallout of the franchise, which is currently located in basically different places (at least rather in approach than in the overall valuation), has given the rivalry temporary care. When she saw the locked NY on her hats for the first time, this season could stir some latent aggravation for the rival, a Red Sox fan is conditional to abhor. But the Yankees have not done much to inspire the hatred lately. They are simply here!

In fact, to put aside the rich and controversial story, it seems safe as the Red Sox 'rival at the moment is not the opponent this weekend, but the one that Red Sox has just left. The annual underrated Orioles actually lead the AL East with a 13-5 record, 2 games on the Yankees and 2½ on the Sox after taking 2 out of 3 over the weekend in Camden Yards.

Orioles manager Buck Show alter has the habit of chasing about the Red Sox, whether it is about their wage and salary billing advantages or with a passive passive aggression that they used the flu as an excuse for this season. Showcase needles of the Red Sox so often that you think it was them - and not the Yankees, Rangers and Diamondbacks - who had once dug him as a manager.

This weekend, as you may have heard, there was much to chirp. The biggest controversy played throughout the series; Friday night, an aggressive, orderless ruthless foil by Orioles superstar Manny Machado knocked Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedro out of the game. The Red Sox did not return the next day with the ankle ball player Steven Wright, but was waiting for the season's final when Matt Barnes threw a quick ball behind Machado's head.

Then it was funny. When the referees screened everything, a ESPN camera and a microphone caught Pedro Machado saying he was staring at him, not his idea, and he would have preferred to make it into Machado first strike Saturday, which is the standard record So is minor matters.

There is a lot of stupid involved with this whole scenario: baseball macho unwritten rules culture of "payback," the idea that throwing at anyone head is always a good idea, and Barnes / John Farrell to try Machado two games But nothing was so strange as Pedro, who had left the tactics of his team mate to an opponent who had, intentionally or not, hurt him - in the middle of a tense inning.

Cleveland Cavaliers driving fans crazy, while they somehow win - Terry Pluto (Photos)

Write that about the Cleveland Cavaliers, while I admitted that this series - and this season - makes me ready for the basketball Bughouse.

Final Score: Cavaliers 106, Indiana Pacers Monday Sunday at Bankers Life Field house, the cavaliers stumbled, spat and stumbled ... but still swept through the first round of playoffs.

ESPN reported the Cavs average margin of victory was 4.0 points ... that tied the smallest margin of victory in a 4-game sweep in NBA history.


I say this when reaching the aspirin.

I say this because the Cavs played four games against the Pacers and they won all.

I say they know they could have lost three of those games.

But they did not. This is what counts Four games played, four in the win column. First round

Playoff games are a pass / fail test. No style points. In the last 91 seconds of the game, the Cavs came from behind and outscored Indiana, 6-0.

As Indiana coach Mate McMillan said after the game, when the Cavs have to make great shots, make serious defenses and game-winning games ... that's exactly what they did.

Lebron James has won his G-string games in a row. It was another brilliant performance for No. 23.

33 points
10 rebounds
4 is supported
James knows what is necessary to take out a smaller opponent in a tight game.

Let's not take James for granted. Since he comes back, we can really see a player who is one of the best. He shows it in the playoffs. Now the Cavs will be resting for at least a week as Milwaukee and Toronto push, push and elbow into their series. It is bound to 2-2.

The Cavs were a little happy. No doubt. But they also played a very determined defense on Pacers star Paul George, who finished with 15 ugly points on 5-of-21 shooting.

Take an arc Inman Sumer, JR. Smith, and James. They turned away and defended George. I know Smith threw a bizarre behind-the-back pass at the end of the game, which could be a disaster. But it was not so.

I know Kevin Love shot a miserable 2-of-13 for five rim bending points. But he also had a game-high 16 rebounds.

I know that in Game 1 of the series, the Cavs were an embarrassing 14-of-27 from the foul line and almost lost. But this Sunday they were 23-of-27 ... and needed all the points.

I know Efron Williams appears as a star on the bench. He scored 14 points and made all four of his field-goal attempts.

I know that Kylie Irving has me raped with some of his ballots and incessant dribbling, but he has taken a key factor in the last few minutes.

I know the Cavs have to play better than this, but I also see the defense improve. In the last two games the Cavs have held the Pacers in the second half to 40 and 50 points - when they got themselves defenses.

It is very positive to see Tristan Thompson, James and Love combine for 37 rebounds. The entire Indiana team had only 42.

I know it's a long way to the final. I know the Cavs have to play better than against the Pacers to come through the Eastern Conference.

But I also know that the first round is over. The Cavs won. And that counts most of the year.